We are a bunch of young creative people from different cultural backgrounds who have excelled in several areas of design, communication and marketing.

We capture the moments from your eyes and shoot your dreams and ideas to reality. Our team is full of diverse and creative minds to cover any type of occasion be it formal, funky, classy, vintage or rusty theme wedding.

Unlike many multimedia companies we don’t have a particular style. We are versatile with what we do. We ask, we listen then we tailor our skill to suit. Trust us when we say bring your crazy over the edge wedding ideas and we will magically bring out those special captivating moments, just watch us perform our magic :) .

Lets get our feet dirty at a beach wedding, lets catch nature at its best at your garden wedding, catch all the laughter and crazy moments at your bachelorette party, colour and tradition blend and find its way to our lens at a traditional engagement , get funky and imaginative with your save the date and all sweet with your laughs, giggles and adorable baby looks at your baby shower.

We offer an amount of clarity in our pictures that brings about a sense of realness, intimacy and precision. Always finding crazy angles that accentuate what we shoot.

Enough of the talk, lets book a date :) .