How much do you charge?

That’s almost always the first question people ask. If you’d like a complete price list, please use the contact page.

What Are your terms?

To confirm your booking with Laceup Weddings, a non-refundable deposit of 1000 GHc is required.. Until payment has been received and cleared, your booking date will not be considered secured.

You are required to make the full payment of package chosen at least two months before your event date.

We have the right to use your wedding as our marketing tool unless a contract is signed for us not to, which we charge extra for that

Payment can be made by Cheque, Cash, or Bank deposit.

What’s your style?

As creative, storytellers, we aim to shoot and present the authentic story of your day… allowing you to truly experience the magic of your wedding day. We do that by unobtrusively capturing candid moments as they happen, without much directing or intervening. This ensures that the true essence and character of yourselves, your guests and your experience are revealed.

When the time is right, we will also take a more active role in offering direction, making you shine brighter than ever by posing you in flattering, natural ways that don’t look or feel posed and contrived. We’re constantly dreaming up unique and creative perspectives, often going to extraordinary lengths.

How do you charge for transportation?

It’s very simple – it’s all included in the fee that we quote you for your wedding coverage in your location. This changes only when your event is out of Accra.

Is the final edited video strictly 45 minutes?

No. It’s just an approximate. But the length of the wedding video is greatly dependent on what happens in the actual wedding day.

You are more expensive relative to most videographers and Photographers. Why?

Let’s just put it this way. The rate we give out is our perceived value of our work. We are very proud and have high regard for what we do, we continually invest in equipment and technology that will make the videos and photos better. We make sure that every client is more than satisfied and happy with our work. We make it a point to prove that we are worth every pesewa paid to us. :)

What are your post process timelines


Quick edits – 2-5 Days from event

For Short events –: 4 weeks after event for  (100 pictures edited)

For Full Coverage – 6 weeks after event (300 pictures edited)

Photobook – 6-10 weeks after editing


8-10 weeks

Why does it take so long to edit the video?

We aren’t a wedding video factory. We try to make each video distinct from the rest, nothing generic. This philosophy leads us to long excruciating hours, days and weeks of editing the video.

Is the person i’m going to marry truly the person for me?

I’m really not the person to ask, but if you insist… You know he/she is the right one if you can freely fart a loud squishy one in front of him/her without getting embarrassed. :)